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Dmitriy Lavrov, Pro-Trader 

I will teach you step-by-step

HOW TO TURN $1000 INTO $100 000

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Learn tips and best trading ideas on Stocks, Forex, Cryptos, or Commodities directly from top traders.

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We will teach you the trading realities and fundamentals so you can make money consistently.

Turn $1000 into $100 000

From point A to B, we'll show you how to grow your account consistently.

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Get a proper education about money management, trading expectation, trade psychology, and risk assessment.

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       Mr. Lavrov is offering you something not many will. He is offering to teach you how to trade and create your own signals so that you aren't relying on someone else. Trust me, if you want to join this community, Mr. Lavrov is truly wants all of us to succeed. If you want to learn, this is the place.


Verified User

       I personally know many professional traders do exist, but for me Lavrov is on the top of them all. I can see the massive difference in my growth ever since I joined. He is a very big support and constantly engage in the community by answering all questions instantly, giving feedback to other traders' setups from an expert eye, and humbly exchanging the knowledge with others. That's why I will KEEP ON subscribing to Lavrov even after my subscription expires.

$100 000 Trading Challenge

Trade By Trade

For the last five years, I teach traders to grow their small accounts consistently and successfully. 

We created the $100 000 challenge to helps you turn $1000 to $100 000, from point A to point B. 

I provide a step-by-step plan that you can follow and learn along other community members.  Study what I developed over 12 years of sweat and tears, so you don't make the same mistake.

Exclusive Mentorship Program

With hard work, dedication, and the proper knowledge, you'll be able to make money from trading consistently. 

I will teach you step-by-step the core trading principle about money management, trade optimizations, proven techniques, and psychology behind every trade. I put together a 10-step, easily digestible program to take you from an absolute beginner to making money like a professional. 

I'm not teaching gimmicks or one-off techniques. I want you to become an all-around great trader, able to perfect his strategies - whatever you trade. 


Trading Academy

If you expect to turn a profit instantly, you're at the wrong place. Successful traders study and work hard at it. 

I've been teaching traders for more than five years and know what's necessary to avoid losing money in the market. 

The 10 step Academy gives you access to entire courses on money management, trading psychology, basic

Trading Ideas

Seeing what trade, I and others in the community make will get you faster to financial success. No doubt. 

Exchanging and discussing ideas with other traders motivates you to get better, show what's possible, and develop your analytics skills faster. 

Plus, it’s often the difference between making the month's best trade or making the saddest mistake. I've seen it. And I've done it.   

Whether you’re trading Stocks, Forex, Crypto, or Commodities, you'll be surrounded with the best. 


Automatic Trading

Learn precisely how to trade profitably by letting our trading robots trade for you.

Connect your broker account to our trading robots and see in real-time every trade, when and how they enter a position, while making passive income in the process.

Plus, our trading robots enable you to invest in multiple assets at the same time. Increasing your portfolio diversification - automatically – to minimize losses.

About Me 

I trade in the financial market since 2007. As a former Forex trader, I shifted to Crypto for a while, and now I focus mainly on Stock, swing trading, and ALGO trading. 

I’m the All-Time Author on the popular TradingView platform. I posted more than 2000 ideas and have more than 100 000 followers on TradingView and Telegram combined. 

My mission is to teach people how to become financially independent through trading.   

If I did it, so can you. Are you in? 


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Get the Best Trading Ideas

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  • Why is the community Free?

    We partnered with brokerage companies to offer our members a special entry discount – generally valued at $499. By creating a new brokerage account with a minimum deposit of $250, you’ll access the community and our academy course on the platform for free.

  • What if I want to use my Own Brokerage Account?

    No problem. We offer a special discount for those who already possess a broker account and prefer to use them. You’ll be able to enjoy the same community benefits.

  • Do you teach a specific trading method?

    In my training, I cover all the general theory and strategy. What works in particular situations and when to apply them. That said, my goal is to teach you how to become an all-around pro trader. Once you master the fundamentals, you’ll be able to trade using sound theoretical principles and build your own method.

  • Do you teach only people trading a specific asset (Crypt, stocks, etc.)?

    No. Whatever you trade, we have experts in the community to help you reach the next level. I traded stocks, Crypto, Forex and work a lot with trading bots. Trust me, I can cover a lot of ground with you.

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       The smartest decision I ever made in my trading was to join Dlavrov Community. Everything changed for me after that. I learned to be disciplined in order to win consistently and be patient for winning trades. If you love trading and you look into it as a serious business, and care about your success, then with no Doubt this community will help you to reach your goals.


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       If you don't have a teacher you're wrong, you have one. I was advised by Lavrov, a man I respect very much as a trader, but he said that Lavrov is a top trader and if you have a chance to learn something from him, don't doubt, you'll get the best.